Choosing the Right Partnerships

When I started my business in 2011, I knew plenty about marketing and very little about starting and owning a business.  I experienced a ton of trial and error, worked with several clients that I should have known weren’t the right fit, and learned from several mistakes.

I met Arnel Tanyag of Tanyag & Company through some networking events and quickly began to learn from him.  Arnel teaches business owners how to overcome struggles, build their income, and set achievable goals.  He had me writing down my goals and then working backwards to focus on how I would reach them.  I set a five year income goal for myself and reached it at my two year anniversary.  How did I do that?

One of the concepts that Arnel taught me was to align myself with a like-minded business.  Someone that goes for similar clients without being competition.  I began to seek out someone that I could work with, exchange referrals with, and learn from.

If you live in Virginia Beach, you most certainly know about VB Nightlife, the entertainment and events directory that tells you what’s going on in town.  I reached out to the owner, Nicole Maxino and asked her to have coffee with me.  From there we developed a friendship, began assisting each other in business, and eventually even launched a company together.  Nicole has been my mentor for almost six years and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and work with her!

Through working together with restaurants and event clients, to starting Locals Only™ together, it has been a rewarding relationship to say the least.  Her passion for helping local businesses, staying focused on end goals, and her creativity continue to inspire me.

BIG thank you to Arnel for suggesting that I find someone like Nicole to work with. BIG thank you to Nicole for the meetings, the wisdom, the encouragement, and the trust in allowing me to work with her clients and then starting a business with me.

**I wrote this blog a while back and didn’t post it because I was having some issues with my website.  Since then, Nicole Maxino has launched yet another company focused on helping non-profits in the area.  How awesome?!  Check out her newest venture that makes giving back look really good here:

Nicole Maxino and Gillian Bura at the VBRA Annual Golf Tournament, 2014

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