Twitter for Businesses

Warning: This is based on my OPINION

So in my last blog I chatted about businesses using Snapchat.  Now I’d like to talk a little about businesses using Twitter.

For major brands, Twitter can be a huge hit because it is easy to interact and engage with people on a global scale.  In my personal opinion, it is not QUITE as easy to target market to a small, local audience using Twitter.

For example, although TONS (317 million, to be exact) of people use Twitter on a monthly basis, they are going to Twitter for much different information versus other forms of social media.  During Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl show, there were 5.1 million tweets generated about her performance.  Most of the people using Twitter in that moment, were there for entertainment and to engage (briefly) in their opinion of the performance.  What happens when that many people Tweet about something?  The messages get completely lost in the shuffle.

If you are a business trying to engage on that level, your message will likely get lost in the shuffle as well.

I believe that most people are on Twitter to engage with or follow celebrities, sports stars, public figures.  They’re not on Twitter to find out what daily special the restaurant down the street is offering.  A handful of my

While Twitter can be great for businesses, it absolutely takes extra time and dedication in comparison to other social media platforms.  This goes back to my usual theory, it’s better to be a master of a few platforms, than a jack of all.

If your business has experienced success on a local level using Twitter, PLEASE comment on this blog or send me an email with the details.  I’d love to have my opinion corrected!

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